This is a user-friendly interactive database that provides a unique overview of political donations, declarations, and deposits listed in MPs’ declarations from between 2017 and 2022.

Filter: If you want to search for data pertaining to individual parties, you can filter all the data with the filter feature found at the bottom of the screen.

Interactive Diagrams: The diagrams are all interactive, meaning that if you click on a section of a diagram, you will get a corresponding change in other diagrams. For instance, if you click on the red bar of the ‘Parties’ diagram (Partit Laburista), you will see the data pertaining to the PL in relation to ‘Top Donors’, ‘Donation Type’, etc.

The data on political financing can be found on the Electoral Commission of Malta’s website. The data set is incomplete; the figures declared do not match the extent of the donations and the data set only covers the period between 2016 and 2019, with a couple entries for 2020. Moreover, the information is provided in hand-written form by the party members and it is rubber-stamped with no attempt to verify the information provided or the source of the funds being donated. Indeed, party funding regulations are not properly enforced.

In the ‘Donation Type’ diagram, the entries are categorized according to the amount of donations in that category, but not all individual donations are listed. For instance, the Partit Nazzjonalista received 135 donations between 500 and 7000 euros during Q4 of 2019, but this is only listed as 1 donation in the diagram.

In the ‘Top Donors’ diagram, the vast majority of donations (<99%) are anonymous which skews the data.

Other statistics offered in the table at the bottom include:

  • The Parties
  • The type of donation
  • The time period (of 3 months)
  • The year
  • The total amount of money broken down by type of donation.

This tab offers an overview of declarations listed in MPs Parliamentary declarations for the year 2022 only. Be aware that MPs declare their assets for the previous year; if an MP declared their assets in 2023, they’re speaking about their assets for 2022.

This tab lists many statistics including:

  • The top 10 MPs by deposits.
  • Deposits amount by party.
  • The top 10 professions.
  • Whether MPs listed any investments or not.
  • How many properties MPs listed.
  • How many directorships or associations MPs listed.
  • Whether MPs listed any other financial interests.

When you click on any of the segments in the diagrams, it shows you which MPs are being represented. For instance, if you click on the ‘10+’ section in the properties diagram, you will see a list of MPs who have listed more than 10 properties in their declarations, etc.

This can be done for all the segments in all the diagrams, with relevant MPs listed below the diagrams.

This tab offers an overview of deposits listed in MPs Parliamentary declarations, broken down by the years 2017 through to 2022.

The 3 diagrams are broken down as follows:

  • Deposits and Loans by year.
  • Deposits by Party.
  • Loans by Party.

It should be noted that where it says ‘by party’, this refers to individual MPs' loans and deposits categorized by the party to which they belong. For instance, in the ‘Deposits by Party’ diagram, the PL section (displayed in red) comprises the joint sum of all PL MPs deposits for that year.

If you need any help with interpreting the data, please feel free to reach out to the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, specifically on the following email:

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